Tahira’s Story

“I joined the gym because I was overweight by more than 20kg. This massively affected my confidence and ultimately my mental health. I knew I needed to do something but having joined a number of gyms and not being able to stick to the routine for more than 3 weeks, I clearly needed to change

Neil’s Story

This is what Neil had to say “For years I had been unhappy with my body shape and composition, I had joined commercial gyms in the past where I would be doing 20 to 30 minutes of treadmill and random weight machines, then another 30 minutes in the pool and steam room and then would

How To Set Up Your Training Session

DONT OVER COMPLICATE YOUR PLAN ! Hit a full body session 3-4 times per week Involve elements of resistance training (weights) Involve elements of Cardiovascular challenging training. Perfect session  A1)  Heavy Compound Movement. (major muscle groups) – Squat /Bench Press/ Deadlift 4-5 sets of 6-10 Reps These exercises should be done learned under the supervision

The Success of 2017

The year of 2017 has been a huge success at RM fitness. We have managed to help hundreds of people achieve what they never thought they could. And for some this was genuine life changing. However we aren’t satisfied. This year we want to help even more people. We want to reach a wider audience

Awesome Lower body Workout

A quick and awesome workout that can be done with no equipment at all ! Benefits  Improve leg strength Improve endurance Improve Core strength Target big muscle groups specifically (Quads, Hamstrings, Gluteus) Awesome for burning calories – Awesome for fat loss Awesome cardiovascular workout When to do the workout  Warm up (done slower) End of

James’s Story

  “I’d always been pretty healthy but after moving jobs a couple of years ago I was spending too much time commuting, sitting at a desk and visiting the vending machine! I put on a weight and felt really sluggish. So when my wife “suggested” we give the RMF program a go. I thought it
Learn how to do one of the best full body movements ! How to do the Dumbbell Thruster: Step 1: Hold the dumbells just above your shoulders with palms facing each other. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Step 2: Next, lower body down into a squat by bending knees and lowering hips down until hips are

Sweet chilli steak with edamame rice

This is literally one of the quickest simplest dinners ever when you’re in a rush or don’t feel like cooking! It’s high in protein and carbs and low in fat. Ingredients: 6 sprays of spray oil e.g. Fry light/rapeseed oil/olive oil 400g minute steak/steak bashed really thin  1 cup of frozen edamame beans 30g fresh corridander

Jonny’s Story

  “I grew up struggling with my weight throughout most of my youth, which was the result of a bad relationship with food. As I hit my mid teens I started to get into exercise and making an effort to reverse the damage done growing up. I was that person that was either ‘on it’

Goblet Squat Technique

The goblet squat is a great exercise that can be used in a variety of workouts. To get the most out of this exercise apply it in high rep range. ie 12 + Reps Some extra tips for perfecting the goblet squat Keep the feet flat Puff up the chest Brace the arms in against

Low fat creamy tomato and prawn pasta

Quick low fat and perfect post-training or after a long day at work ! Ingredients: 6 sprays of spray oil e.g. Fry light/rapeseed oil/olive oil 1 400g tin chopped tomatoes 1/2 a tub of Philadelphia Lightest low fat cream cheese 165g raw king prawns 50g/1/2 a bag chopped spinach 1/2 pack sliced mushrooms 30g fresh basil torn or chopped

Ilona’s Story

  Over the years I have tried every diet going, with varying degrees of success but never managed to stick to anything long term. I would get fit and healthy, run a marathon, and then go back to my old ways. Which basically I meant I was in a cycle of starvation and frustration! I

Ladder Workout

10 – 1 Ladder Workout  This is a great finisher for anyone to tag on the end of a session that won’t take up too much time but still gives a great combination of a strength and cardiovascular workout. Aim to attack the workout and complete it in the quickest time possible for maximum effect.

Skinny Spag Bol

If you’re looking for a quick and easy dinner try this healthy twist on a classic Spag Bol. Ingredients: 6 sprays of spray oil e.g. Fry light/rapeseed oil/olive oil 500g turkey mince (or lean 5% fat steak mince) 1 400g tin of chopped tomatoes 1 500g carton of passata 1 onion finely chopped 1 chopped garlic clove 1 tsp

Hayley’s Story

Six years ago I needed surgery to remove my appendix. Prior to my op, I had been making some bad decisions with my diet, and then the recovery period post surgery meant that I was unable to exercise, and I gained a lot of weight. I was fat, unfit and unhappy. I joined RM Fitness