95% Will FAIL (Will YOU?)

 Picture95% FAIL (Will YOU?)

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Talking about weight RE-GAIN after a ‘diet’

Research on how many people keep the weight off once they ‘finish’ a diet shows an alarming number of people put ALL the weight back on…

A quick Google search lead me to several articles pointing to around 5% success rate (The study I looked at was from Colorado State University)
5%!  That means 95% put the weight back onIn my experience I’ve observed this too…Even worse to be honest in some casesA lot of people can put MORE weight back on than they lost

This is due to lots of different factors, but below is a list of ways you can ensure you are NOT putting the weight back on:

1 – Don’t Be So Extreme

If you are on a ‘diet’ in your head, what happens when you stop the ‘diet’?? 

At some point you will stop and this is when you put the LBS back on!

Think what CAN I eat/ Drink rather than what am I NOT ALLOWED to eat and dri



2 – Don’t View The Process As Having A ‘Finish’ PointI learned this one though the last 5 years when my company has run over 25 ‘Challenges’ of varying lengths

i.e. 8 weeks, 12 weeks

When the ‘competitors’ viewed the end of the 8 or 12 weeks as a ‘finish line’ they were the ones who put all the weight back on further down the line
However those that made the challenge the ‘start’ or viewed it as only part of the long-term journey did better in the long run

3 – Goal Setting

As in point 2 above, you have to be able to break your journey down into goals

Viewing the year as 4 x 90 day blocks can be a useful t



4 – Be ConsistentThe more people go ‘ON a diet’ then ‘OFF a diet’ the more damage they do to their metabolism.

Your metabolism is in part controlled by the balance of your hormones – some help you burn fat, others help you store fat.

When the gap between you being ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ with both your diet and training is big it messes with the balance of the bodies hormones.

The body likes to be stable.

This is called Homeostasis (think like a thermostat in your house)

5 – Hire A Coach Or Join A Specific ProgrammeThere is nothing like having the correct information, added with a motivating environment and nice dose of accountability.
A coach can help you goal set and guide your journey

Being part of a group of people that are likeminded, with a common goal can be great for motivation and support too



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