7 Reasons Why Coffee Could Be Slowing Your Fat Loss

 PictureRead onto find out what Ive ‘given up’ coffee
​(not forever though)
and got some impressive Fat Loss results this last 10 days

Why I gave Up Coffee

You’d never of imagined I would give up coffee

Even in my Instagram Bio I describe myself as a coffee lover!

​I want to give you a reason to read on…
below is 7 Reasons Coffee could be slowing your results…The benefits I’ve seen since cutting back:1 – Ive dropped 7 lbs over the last 10 days or so2 – My digestion is much better

3 – Energy levels are consistent

4 – No ups and downs in motivation

5 – Getting to sleep well, staying asleep and waking refreshed

6 – Mental clarity & focus with my business is better

7 – Strength & Fitness in the gym are both in a very good place


Now let me give you some background

As an ‘A’ Type personality and entrepreneur – I am extremely driven

I want to constantly get better in all areas of my life

* Family life
* My Businesses
* My Own Training
* Personal Development

My MO is to push and push and push

I’ve had a few burnouts over a 13-year period of owning my own Training business

To be successful as a PT, you generally get conditioned into working early mornings;

working with clients from 6:30am before they go to work right up until 11am or noon

then you have the 12-3pm lul where you would get your own training in, do paperwork and maybe a bit of downtime

then from 3 or 4pm you have to get yourself back ‘UP’ again mentally to work with clients until maybe 9pm

​That was my routine for 8 years SOLID
First 5 years of that we didn’t even have a holiday120-150 Sessions per monthNo stopping me I was like a terminatorYou quickly depend on coffee to get up in the mornings, then to avoid the mid morning dip you have another one when the last one wears off

then you have to get ‘UP’ for training yourself (you cant let that slip as a PT!) so you maybe have some ‘Pre-Workout’ supplement then you get tired in the afternoon so you have another coffee at 3 or 4pm before your evening clients

Below is a a few pics from my instagram!!!



So we are probably talking 4 ‘Hits’ of caffeine per dayIf I had 5 it would screw me

I would drop off the edge of a cliff energy wise

Like the theory of the ‘Tipping Point’

So 4 was kind of the habit I got into

Then we had the twins 4 years ago and then I developed new routines…mainly revolving round lack of sleep as they woke in the night!!!

I took a back foot from the gym floor and created systems and took more of the ‘manager’ role

But I still kept to around 4 per day just at different times

This doesn’t sound like a lot to some people

The record I’ve seen working with clients is 12-14 cups per day
(I wont mention any names but he was one driven business dude)

This last six months or so we opened up RM Fitness Location number 2 which is in Manchester

This has seen me back on the gym floor again so as I’ve been driving over there from Wigan I’d been getting a coffee to drink on the way

Often this would have been a Costa Coffee which are stronger than ones I would make at home

I’d then deliver the sessions in RMF Manchester

But just be WIRED when I got home

I just couldn’t shut down and getting to sleep was taking me longer and longer

I’d wake up feeling like someone had just dug me up

Then the cycle repeats itself

….You grab a coffee in the morning to get ‘UP’ for the day

and the wave of ups and downs continues

You have to be very careful not to ‘self medicate’ with foods and drinks that bring you ‘back down’

So these are times when alcohol and junk food can definitely creep in as your body looks for something to sedate you

So this last 10 days or so I completely cut coffee out

I’ve drank loads more water, had some green tea, some fruit/ herbal type tea’s  and maybe 1-2 cups of English tea made weak with a little milk

I can not tell you how much better I feel

I will be putting coffee back in at some point –  but will be doing so gradually and watching my total cups per day stays at 1-2 rather than 3-5

We all have our limits with caffeine, it’s like a threshold and when you cross it, it will negatively affect your mood, motivation, sleep, performance in and out the gym and also your body fat/ muscle mass ratio

At RM Fitness we aim to educate our members as well as the 3 training sessions per week they do with us

We are very interested in all areas that affect performance and results because its the 23 hours per day your not in the gym that controls your results – not just the 60 mins of training

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