Your Next Step
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The 28 Day Programme is great for:

  • Building a foundation level of strength and fitness
  • Creating some basic habits around exercise, nutrition and lifestyle
  • Letting you sample our unique gym environment ​
  • Educating you on the basics of correct training techniques and nutrition principles

Your next step, is to build on this solid foundation and progress to the next level. 

Meet some of our successful 28 day graduates (pictures below), these people have all taken the next step.

This requires you to engage with the training methods and lifestyle changes in the LONGER RUN

Anyone can 'cut carbs' and train like a 'mad man' for a month and drop some Body Fat

But to get (and KEEP):

  • Lean Curves (Ladies)
  • Big Guns, Solid Chest and Impressive Legs (Blokes)
  • Visible Abs
  • A Tighter and More Toned Body than Anyone You know
  • A Super Charged Sex Drive & Zest for Life
  • Ridiculously Strong on the Main Gym Lifts
  • Super Healthy
  • Permanently Sky High Charged Energy and Motivation Levels
  • The BEST Shape of Your Life

You need to be consistent with your training, food and lifestyle

NO - You don't have to live like a monk or become a steamed broccoli and chicken eating recluse!

YES - You can enjoy a drink and some indulgent foods 🙂

The next step is our 6 Month Transformation Programme.

When You look at ANY of our BEST Transformations and they are all over a 6-12 month period.

These also happen to be the people that sustain the results best too, we've made our thoughts on this clear.

There are a few options with how you can make this step. (see the table below)

What You 'Get' as a 'Fully Fledged' RMF Member

We are not huge fans of listing 'features' as what you really 'get' is the body of your dreams

and that feeling of liberation and confidence that comes with it

But people generally want to know 'how it works'

  • Train 3-x week under the guidance of our CoachesSo you are not only getting stronger, fitter and more toned. You are being coached the correct technique and we are helping you progress as an individual.
  • Powerful 'Demand More Of Yourself' Membership Site. Continue to build on what you have learned during your first 28 Days. Further modules over the next 6 months include:
  • Learn how our testing, wristband grading and programming system works.
  • How to use My Fitness Pal to create your own plan (Your individual Calorie requirements, Protein, Fats, Carbs).
  • How to incorporate 'Cheat Meals' and Alcohol, without getting fat.
  • Supplements (the good the bad and the ugly)
  • How to not let others sabotage your success 
  • Plus a lot more
  • Access to the 'Demand More Of Yourself Network' Facebook Group. Getting yourself around others on the same mission as you is key to your success. Get your questions answered by the coaches. Regular Q&A's, Live Videos and exclusive members only content.
  • Access To RM Fitness Team Events. Born-Survivor, Outdoor Sessions, Charity Events, Social Events and more (often with exclusive Team RM Fitness Discounts)

The next step is the 6 Month Transformation Programme.

The 6 month programme content is included with each option below, the reason we've included a 12 month option, is because many people love what we do. (not to blow our own trumpet)

They know that they are going to be with us for year plus. So we offer this at a discounted rate.

6 Month


£128 / Month

12 Month


£118 / Month

1 Year In Full



​Money Back Guarantee

Yes we are the only gyms in Wigan and Manchester to provide you with a 100% money back guarantee. We are that confident that when you follow our step by step, comprehensive system you will achieve the body of your dreams.

There is zero guess work involved -----> Just follow the proven formula

We do really look forward to working with you and helping you to achieve your dream goals​