10 Simple Tips to Forge The Body You Want


Often we are just so overwhelmed with the amount of information out there on how to get into shape that we are Paralysed by Overanalysis…


1 – Be Consistent
Nothing kills progress faster than doing really well for a couple weeks then binging out and stopping training only to be back a square one.

Pick something you can do CONSISTENTLY.

2 – Train 3-5 x per week. But MOVE your body every day

Notice we say TRAIN and not EXERCISE!

(We’ll let you work out the difference)

3 – Be Purposeful and Single Minded
‘Things’ will happen to put you off your goals.  They just will – Its the law of the universe.  You need to wake up every day with purpose at achieve your mission.

4 – Protein, Green Vege & Water
Eat enough Protein, Lots of Green Vege & Hydrate Yourself.

Do this 90% of the time and make sure you have a break 10% of the time.

5 – Do Not OVERANALYSE at the Expense of Taking ACTION
So many people PLAN, PLAN, PLAN but done Execute – Don’t be THAT person

6 – Train with Intensity 
…what ever this looks like for you.

We are all different.

Be aware your 100% is different to the people to your left and right.
Focus on YOU and YOUR effort.

7 – Surround Yourself with Other Likeminded People
This is KEY.
BUT – it takes time so start with just one person or join an online group.
Eventually over time your network will be like you and lift you to a higher level

8 – Accept FAILURE & Setbacks will Happen
It will not be plain sailing all the way to your goals.

Embrace this or it will F**K with your head when it happens.

9 – Write your goals down and make others aware of them
Power of the universe.

10 – Enjoy Your Training and Food
Quite simply if its a chore – it won’t last and neither will your results.

Russ & Team RM Fitness


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